I learned a lesson from a plant once.

It was outside on my balcony, weeping and thirsty. 

It was the summer. 

The heat got up to 104 at times and even though this plant was supposed to thrive in warm climates, that amount of sun was too much for it sometimes.

I had forgotten all about this plant. 

I used to love going out on the balcony for calm and quiet moments but the silence even began to haunt me back then.

As I mustered up the courage to finally face my thoughts and that lonely balcony again, I saw the forgotten plant.

It's leaves were wilting. 

The flowers became almost nonexistent and its soil looked like desert sand. 

It was holding on to all it had left.

I decided to water it. Give it some attention. 

I stayed on that balcony for all of five minutes before the 104 heat chased me back in. 

A few hours later, I decided to go back out when the sun went down to meet face to face with my thoughts again. 

I glanced over and saw what used to be that old forgotten and wilted plant standing up right, facing the sun and even with a tiny flower on the top of it bright pink with so much life. 

As if the plant said to me, "Angela, even though you have gone through all this heat in your lifetime and forgot to take care of yourself... start again. Water yourself and bloom again. You are STILL growing. Love the sun, it is helping you become stronger but only if you water yourself as well".

I learned a lesson from a plant once. 

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