Angela Lauren Company was started in 2016 by Angela Miller. What started off as a hobby and a love for Angela's YouTube channel, grew into a huge brand. The idea was to be able to give everyone else the same quality and fun style of capturing moments that we were doing for the channel.

Angela studied and received her Bachelor's degree at Howard University in 2012. Angela found her love for photography and film making she began a YouTube channel sharing all of her hair and beauty tips. Angela loved capturing creative photos and video for the channel and wanted to be able to do the same for others. The channel has now grown to 55,000 subscribers! Angela loves old school music and sharing her poetry!

She has a passion for everything visual arts but especially photography and film making. Photography and Film allow you to capture moments, freeze time and travel back. Looking at a beautiful photo or video allows you relive those special events and capture the emotion time and time again.

"... for all your trusted memories"