How to get through Creativity Block

Okay, I have to be honest here... I've been putting blogging off for so long for the simple fact that I've been creatively BLOCKED! So why not write about ways to get through a period of creativity block. I can't be the only one right?!

1. Write every idea down! 

Always keep a journal with you, you never know what amazing ideas come will come to you out of nowhere and you have to be ready to receive them. If you aren't a journal person, use your phone! I can't tell you how many times I've been creatively stumped then I've looked back through my idea journal and the ideas came pouring down again.

 2. Go Out With Friends/Family

 Sometimes all you need is a little pick-me-up by hanging out with some company and getting out of your normal "creative" work environment. Friends and family help you laugh and sometimes their words are just enough to get you going again!

3. Surround Yourself with Inspiration

My first go-to is music, I love to turn on Anita Baker and India Arie when I need some good vibes to bring creative ideas back. Pinterest is also a great way to search and surround yourself with inspiration. Try searching motivational quotes, poetry and artistic photos. Sometimes, visual stimulation can get those juices flowing!

4. Exercise

Now this one can sometimes be tough but is a necessity! When I say exercise, you can do something as simple as walking around the block or going up and down some stairs near by. I like to break a sweat so that I can get my body in full swing. Blood flow = idea flow. You can also make it fun by going downtown with a partner and renting some bikes to ride through out the city! If you don't have that option, one of my favorite YouTube workout channels is Blogilates! You can do amazing workouts in the comfort of your own home for free!

5. Talk about it!

A simple solution but may be tough for some. Even if you don't have someone to listen, talking aloud always helps me get to the bottom of why I'm not feeling creative. It may seem weird or crazy at first but letting it out helps you get through it. Try it!

6. Seclude yourself (if necessary)

Now I know this goes against some of my previous suggestions, but sometimes your creativity is eluding you because you have too many people in your ear or too many things on your plate. Try secluding yourself for some time even if it's just a small portion of the day to just hear yourself think. A little peace of mind and meditation will help you get back in touch with your creative side.

7. Go through old photos/videos

This is something I do ALL THE TIME. I love to go back through my old poetry books when I can't seem to find the inspiration to write and remember the old Angela and those old situations that led my to write an entire poem. These moments usually make me smile and I tend to realize how far I've come in life and that alone gives me motivation to produce something creative.

8. Travel

Traveling is something I pull A TON of inspiration from. There's just something about getting out of your element and seeing new things that sparks creativity! Traveling can get a little pricey at times, but I try to make it a point to at least take a road trip when needed.

9. Offer services to friends

This is something that I have just started doing since this year. I like to partner with YouTube friends to collaborate or ask to partner on certain projects with friends to maintain a creative circle. Also, when you partner with friends, they can always use their talents to help your projects!

10. Look at things more clearly

Lastly, try to look at things a little closer. Many times, the idea is right in front of you!

A Dog Christmas

For a while, Jordan and I were contemplating on expanding into a studio space. After months of consideration and research, we landed in a nice top floor studio in Rice Village! We began working on getting a variety of backdrops and studio equipment so we could start booking clients in our new space.

Usually when we get new equipment, we test it out to make sure we can work it properly and make our clients look their best! While testing, our dog Brynn, decided to volunteer to be our test subject by continuing to walk onto our set during our shoot.

Because Brynn looked so adorable, we decided to grab some old Christmas props and add in our oldest dog, Beaux, and get some adorable Christmas photos out of it! They turned out hilariously cute and we will be sending these photos out as Christmas cards this year! Check them out below!

The Craft

The craft is your passion.

It's whatever you do that makes you feel alive

It is whatever you make it

 It is not for popularity 

It is for joy

It is for fuel

For growth

For love

It is for life.

Hat + Coat OOTD

Since the weather is changing, so is my style. I don't mean the obvious adding long sleeves and boots type of change either. I mean a cozy change. When it gets colder outside, I tend to lean to more comfortable clothes and shoes. Am I the only one who likes to feel super cozy when the weather changes?

One random day, I was looking for candles in Ross (which I love to do!) when I saw the coolest black stiff-rimmed hat for under $10! I could not leave without it! Because the hat is black, it goes with just about anything and everyone tells me I "look like an artist" while wearing it! So dope!

On another occasion, I snatched up a waist length maroon bomber jacket from Marshalls for less than $20 which adds a little pizazz to any fall outfit as well! Of course I had to pair the two together and get some Outfit Of The Day photos in it! Check them out below!

When the world sleeps

When the world sleeps, we are thinking

We are dreaming

We are wondering

and working

and trying to create.

We are giving another piece of ourselves 

to you.

We don't sleep.

There's too much love

and laughter.

There's too much art

too much world to see.

Cuffed Jeans

Does anyone else wake up and think, "What can I wear today to survive this heat?!"

Summer is definitely upon us!

It's now reaching the end of July and let's face it.. it's HOT!

Since I live in Houston, it gets pretty hard to stay cool and cute in this weather, at least for me. So one of my favorite things to do during the summer is to cuff the bottoms of my jeans! This is also a great way to change up a look.

You make your cuff as high or low as you want! Plus, I do this so I don't feel as bad wearing pants in 100 degree weather.

Sometimes a simple cuff will do the job! It's the little things...

What are some of your favorite summer fashion trends that you've been rocking this summer?


Life.Style.Beauty = A Beautiful Lifestyle


I learned a lesson from a plant once.

It was outside on my balcony, weeping and thirsty. 

It was the summer. 

The heat got up to 104 at times and even though this plant was supposed to thrive in warm climates, that amount of sun was too much for it sometimes.

I had forgotten all about this plant. 

I used to love going out on the balcony for calm and quiet moments but the silence even began to haunt me back then.

As I mustered up the courage to finally face my thoughts and that lonely balcony again, I saw the forgotten plant.

It's leaves were wilting. 

The flowers became almost nonexistent and its soil looked like desert sand. 

It was holding on to all it had left.

I decided to water it. Give it some attention. 

I stayed on that balcony for all of five minutes before the 104 heat chased me back in. 

A few hours later, I decided to go back out when the sun went down to meet face to face with my thoughts again. 

I glanced over and saw what used to be that old forgotten and wilted plant standing up right, facing the sun and even with a tiny flower on the top of it bright pink with so much life. 

As if the plant said to me, "Angela, even though you have gone through all this heat in your lifetime and forgot to take care of yourself... start again. Water yourself and bloom again. You are STILL growing. Love the sun, it is helping you become stronger but only if you water yourself as well".

I learned a lesson from a plant once. 

Life.Style.Beauty = A Beautiful Lifestyle